Friday, 15 January 2016

Initialed Fabric Key Thingy

Just before Christmas, and using the new craft space, my daughter and I whipped up these key fobs as stocking fillers (I think fob is the right word, although it sounds very odd) from fabric scraps.

Key fob, fabric scraps, recycling fabric scraps

Well, the "fabric scraps" bit of that sentence is correct, but we didn't exactly "whip" them up, as they were quite fiddly and we made it up as we went along. Add to that my lack of skill with a sewing machine get the picture.

  • First we cut out the circles of denim with pinking shears.
  • Then ironed a smaller circle of interfacing onto the wrong side of each circle to provide some "body".
  • Then I set about finding some scrap leather for the initials, but didn't have any in my stash and didn't think I could "borrow" a bit from our leather sofa. However, I remembered that many jeans have a leather-like badge/belt tab at the back and, sure enough, this was the case with the jeans we had used for the denim fabric. (They were old ones-panic not!). I made a rough template out of paper for the initials, laid it on the leather, then cut round the template.Without the template I would definitely have made a pig's ear of this bit!

After glueing the initials in place we used the straps from a summer dress for the flowery fabric attached to the ring. These bits were already hemmed, so we just had to fold them over the ring, then place the two ends between the 2 circles and pin everything in place. I then sewed twice all around each circle (note to self - practice sewing circles beforehand) and also sewed the edges of the "straps" together. Finally we glued on the star and stone as embellishments. Phew! It was fun, but I must say that paper is far more forgiving!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Before...and after....

Before.........a mess!

After......a craft space! Yay!!

OK, so compared to some of those super swish craft rooms out there this is nothing much to look at, but to me, having a surface to work on which I don't have to clear away at mealtimes!
Happy New Year!


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