Wednesday, 23 December 2015

DIY Clothes Voucher

For my daughter's recent birthday I wanted to get her a voucher for a new dress, but didn't want to buy a voucher from a particular shop in case she didn't find anything she liked. So I decided to make my own, but it looked a bit plain. So then I jazzed things up a little with this origami dress. 

You can find the tutorial I used here. It's very easy to follow. My dress is a bit crumpled-it obviously works best with origami paper, which I didn't have. I added a little sparkly flat-backed stone to the middle for decoration. 


JuanitaTortilla said...

That is a great idea and I enjoyed watching the video tutorial. I imagine the V-neck bit would be most tricky for me :)

Amanda said...

adorable! and thanks for replying with info on how you made the gift tags. They key is clothing labels that are blank on one side. That's the part that confused me at first. Many of my tags are "busy" on both sides ;)


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