Monday, 11 May 2015

Two teenage girls, some nail polish, some water.....

Swirl it around with a cocktail stick and dip in tins and glass jars from the recycled bin and...voilà..

nail polish crafts

How cool is that?

A couple of tips if you're trying this out:

1. You won't want to use the container with the nail polish/water again, so choose something you can throw away.

2. Once you add different nail polishes to the water you want to work quickly, as they start to form a skin very soon.

3. Due to the fumes from the nail polish, it's advisable to do this activity outdoors. 

The girls found that tin cans and glass worked the best, but they also jazzed up a plain plant pot and a polystyrene heart.

A fun couple of hours!

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