Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mind your language!

I pride myself on being a bit of a linguist. I mean, I've mastered German, understand Swiss German, can get by on Italian and can dredge up a few remnants of A-level French if needed. But Spanish. Spanish eludes me. On a recent visit to Barcelona (more on that another time) this slight impediment didn't stop me from reading all the signs and notices and making my own interpretation of them. So it was in a clothes shop with my daughter that I spotted an escalator going up and a sign announcing "HOME". Great, I said to my daughter. They do stuff for the home here too. Let's go up there afterwards. It was only whilst waiting for her outside the changing rooms that I saw the shop had changing rooms for men too. Marked "HOME". That's when the penny dropped. "HOME" is Catalan for man and the sign had been pointing to the men's department upstairs, not a home furnishings department for goodness sake. Duhh! Good job I didn't go up there asking for sangria glasses or paella dishes.....

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Amanda said...

I am impressed that you have mastered German! Bravo! Spanish is my 2nd language, so I am pretty confident going out and about in Spain, even if I don't speak Catalan in Barcelona or Basque in St. Sebastian. BUT German, uugh! For me, Italian is a breeze compared to German!


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