Friday, 27 September 2013

Book Reviews

I'm almost embarrassed to write on this blog after such a long absence. Almost. My creative output has been, of late, limited to a couple of cards and some fancy packaging (more on that another time), but there has been no shortage of book-reading on my agenda. So, as our half-term holidays approach here in Switzerland, I thought I would share a few of my recent good reads.

Book review Mariani

Scott Mariani's books are "unputdownable". Thrilling to the end, although some may find them gory in places and start to wonder if the hero, Ben Hope, is just a touch too, well, heroic! But I have thoroughly enjoyed every book so far.

Book review John Grisham
I have read most of John Grisham's novels and really think that this is one of his best. It is a race against time to save an innocent man from the death penalty and I found myself reading faster and faster, as if that would help somehow:/

book review expats
This is a book I picked up last week at the local library, a debut novel by Chris Pavone. Thought it was appropriate as I will soon be "celebrating" 25 years as an expat. I thought it would be a jolly story of an expat's life and some of the faux pas we make. I was wrong, It isn't. It's much better than that. It is a tale of deception and is utterly spell-binding. I'm a few pages from the end and have no clue how it will end. I'll be keeping a look-out for any more novels by this author.

Happy reading!


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