Thursday, 4 April 2013


What do you do if you are totally lacking confidence and motivation to create anything? Simple - invite one of your creative friends round to give you a gentle nudge. Monique is one of the most creative and productive people I know. Just look what she gave me as a birthday present.

These were once dark brown frames containing tapestry. Monique used a special technique to make the frames appear shabby chic and then added these lovely cups of tea to cover the tapestry - just my cup of tea! So when she visited last week and I casually mentioned this tutorial  I had seen from How About Orange on  how to make bows from magazine pages, she didn't need much persuasion (none actually) to try it out. We started out with this

A magazine in topical colours for Easter which I had been hoarding just happened to have on hand, and, after a happy half an hour spent cutting (she did that - no confidence you see), glueing and stapling, came up with these:

recycled magazine crafts

It was great fun and best of all used things I already had around the house. Can maybe feel a flicker of creativity this space!

2 comments: said...

I'm very impressed! I too need a bit of a nudge to get back into the creative mood.

JuanitaTortilla said...

I used to have those teacup napkins / serviettes back in Switzerland, and used them on special occasions :) I assume these shabby chic frames have found a good spot in your home?

If you could be so kind, do send some creative motivation over... I haven't done a thing in the past 3, 4 months :(


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