Thursday, 31 January 2013


We all know that us women can multi-task. The question is, should we? Take me, for example. My son and I popped to the local shopping centre yesterday by car. Didn't have a lot of time and a few things to get done, so zoomed into the nearest parking space and got out of the car brandishing reusable shopping bag and handbag containing money etc. In my mind I was obviously already sprinting through the shopping centre, ticking things off my list. My son was standing by the car and I noticed he was frowning and looking at me in a strange way. "But Mummy", he said, "you've left the engine running!"
Anyone need a getaway car, they know where to find me....or maybe I've just discovered the need for a drive-thru shopping centre??!!


Amanda said...

Oh, dear, Vicky! Slow down! ;)

The Expat Wife said...

LOL! I did that once, when I was in a hurry to get home. The next day when I could not find my car keys they were still sitting in the ignition and the car battery was flat


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