Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bargain Hunter

It's that time of year again. Sales everywhere. Items 20%, 50%, even 70% reduced. I have to admit that I am not a bargain hunter. Even if I do find out which shops are having a sale, I just can't be bothered to traipse there and elbow my way to the bargains and often by the time I get there all the good stuff has gone anyway! So it was curious then, that this post from Crafty Helen at Home fascinated me. Now that's what you call organised. But I did surprise myself this week. We have a home furnishings shop here in Switzerland called Depot. They have some really nice things and at the end of November I wanted to make an advent decoration with 4 candles, so made a trip there. However, as the candles I liked were 13.95 CHF each (around 15 US$)and I still needed something to put them on and decorate them with, I decided to rustle up something with stuff I already had, so slunk out of the shop empty-handed. Calling in at the shop this week and the place was full of Spring decorations the back of the shop was a section with Xmas things with at least 70% off! Well, I had the feeling that it was now or never and quickly filled 2 baskets with baubles and candles and lights and and and... This is what I got:
20 items worth 186.50.-CHF for 51.70.-CHF! Still reeling from the shock of such rash behaviour, I was hauling my purchases back to the car (thank goodness I hadn't taken the bus) when, wouldn't you know it, I managed to bump into someone I know from our village, so I'll probably have a reputation as a shopaholic now.. But I must say I was pleased with the things I bought. Some are wintry enough to go on show now, others have been squirreled away for use this Christmas. Just need to remember where I put them. What bargains have you picked up this year??


Juanita said...

When one can get such great deals like that, doesn't it make you wonder why people would bother paying for normal retail prices? :)
Great haul!!!

The Expat Wife said...

Wow you got a lot for that amount of money. I don't really enjoy shopping much but I do miss the big January sales from back home in Australia

Amanda said...

Oh, I am VERY much a bargain hunter. I try my best NOT to pay retail. We have a supermarket here called Grocery Outlet. At the bottom of the receipt there is a small statement of savings. So far, the best was spending $30 and "saving" $50 off retail prices!

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Oh, you got some good deals! I've not made it to the shops for any length of time this year - hence me not finding anything good in the sales at all! Ah well :)


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