Saturday, 24 November 2012

Picture this!

I work at a small English school in the Old Town of Winterthur. On the way to work I walk past a rather nice shop which sells posters, cards, picture frames and has a changing display of prints and pictures in the window. I've always thought that one day I would walk past this window and see THE picture, the one I`ve been looking for for about 2 years, to go on the red wall between our kitchen and dining area. Well, Saturday was that day. On a very rare trip to Winterthur with husband and children, we walked past the shop and I spotted it. The picture. Exactly the right size and shape, the right colours, in fact everything ticking all boxes. My husband thought it was OK too. Now, I should have rushed into the shop on the spot and bought the picture there and then, but not being an impulse buyer and having 2 children chomping at the bit to go and buy ingredients to bake biscuits (far more important than a silly old picture) I decided to think it over. On Monday morning I walked past the shop again on my way to work, but, as they don't open until 12 midday, I could only admire the picture again and the next couple of days I was too busy to go into town. Imagine my disappointment when, on my way to work on Wednesday evening, I walked past the shop after closing time to see a different picture hanging in place of "my" picture. That was it then. Sold. Too late. Should have bought it sooner. My own fault. Later that evening when my husband asked me how the evening had gone, I just told him "the picture's gone" :( Not one to give up too quickly I enquired at the shop next day and they said they could try to order the picture for me, but they couldn't promise to get it and certainly not this side of Christmas. Hmm. Back home I tried to track it down on the Internet, but it was just not available anywhere and I found out that there are only 95 of them and when they have been sold, the printing plates for this particular picture will be destroyed. Great! I even 'phoned my husband at work (very rare thing - me 'phoning I mean, not him working!) and asked him if I should order the picture, but he didn't seem particularly interested - probably interrupted him in an important strategic meeting....oooops! Anyway, I came home from tennis later that night to find the children very giggly, the husband with a Cheshire cat grin on his face and this propped up against the red wall:

Yes, you've guessed it. The reason the picture wasn't in the shop any more was that my husband had bought it and somehow managed to transport it home on the bus and hide it in the cellar. It was supposed to be my Christmas present but he thought he should put me out of my "misery" and give it to me now. Just need to hang it properly now...By the way, the picture is by Astrid Heinecke and is called "Alma".

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jewellery gifts

It's been so long since I posted on this blog, I feel like I need to dust off the cobwebs first. That done, it feels good to write stuff again! Over the last few weeks I have been very fortunate to have been given 3 pieces of jewellery. Two of which are family heirlooms, but more of that another time. A few weeks ago I spent a very nice day with my friend Monique, one of the most creative people I know. She has even been able to make her passion and talent for creating into her job. Anyway, she very kindly gave me this heart pendant, which she made out of special ceramic jewellery clay I can't even begin to imagine how you can get the clay to form roses - but I love it and have worn it a few times already. So thanks again Monique and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Back soon!


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