Thursday, 7 June 2012


A couple of weeks ago (ok, more like 3 now..) we had a short break for Ascension Day. For an explanation of what Ascension day is, see Jennifer's blog. Anyway, we spontaneously decided to go to Legoland in Germany, about a 2 hour drive away and meet up there with a family we knew from our time in Basel. Our friends had decided to camp at the Legoland Holiday Village, but, as we don't own a tent, that wasn't an option for us (my excuse anyway ;)). As we had left it pretty late to book, all (proper!) accomodation in the Holiday Village was full and as an alternative the Legoland website suggested a package for 342 Euros, staying at a hotel "in the area" and including 2 days' entrance to the park. Thinking this was kind of pricey, but maybe that's just what it cost, I looked a bit closer at the package. The hotel was over 40km from Legoland in a city and had mixed reviews from previous guests. Also we were not sure we really wanted 2 days at Legoland, as we didn't know if there would be enough to do there. So in the end I googled "hotels near Legoland" and made a reservation by 'phone for a 4-bedded room at this hotel in a small village 20km away for 119 Euros including breakfast. Well, what can I say? We had a fabulous time.

Entrance to Legoland cost us 76 Euros (2 x adults), as I had some vouchers from yoghurt pots (yes, really!) which got the children in free - a saving of 68 Euros. We found our friends and found there was loads to do - from rollercoasters and water rides to minature cities, airports and harbours all made from Lego to a huge Lego shop. Our children are aged 8 and 11 and enjoyed it so much that we decided to go back the next day. Fortunately, our eagle-eyed friends had spotted a poster that said if you bought your tickets for the next day before leaving today, they would only cost 10 Euros per person. So that's what we did.

This is what our DIY package cost:
Legoland entrance 1st day = 76 Euros
Legoland entrance 2nd day =40 Euros
Hotel with breakfast =         119 Euros
Total================235 Euros compared with 342 Euros via the Legoland website

Ok, so you have to take into consideration the saving we made with the yoghurt pot vouchers, but it just goes to show that it's worth taking a closer look at these packages and the alternatives available.

Anyway, it's a great place and we hope to go back there in the not-too-distant future....


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