Monday, 20 September 2010

Children's Craft Idea

I'm always amazed by the things we make at our Children's Craft Group which meets 5 times a year. Take a look at these covered notebooks:

children's craft tip

And here's the inside:

The outside is made from corrugated cardboard, with lengths of wool glued into the grooves. A great way to use up scraps of wool and the children got on with the colour schemes all by themselves. I think they've turned out well and they would make good presents too:)

Thursday, 2 September 2010


My parents visited recently and, whilst they were here, they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. 2 weeks (!) before the event, I decided to make them a celebratory scrapbook / photo album, featuring photos of them over the years, from their wedding to the present day. That was the first problem. We have many photos of them, but not necessarily of them together, and that was what I really wanted for the album. Not to be deterred, I organized wedding photos to be scanned and sent to me (thanks Brian) and trawled through all my photo files on the computer looking for suitable candidates. Having absolutely no experience of making a scrapbook, I then paid a visit to Scrapandstamp (, an online scrapbooking business, with a "real" shop/workshop which happens to be only 5km from us. The owner of the shop was very helpful and set me up with what I needed without trying to sell me the whole contents of her shop. So far so good, but we then went on holiday for a week, leaving me 7 days to complete my project. On our return, and with my parents already here, but staying at a hotel in Zurich, I spent many (and I mean MANY) hours cutting, sticking, trimming, thinking, fiddling, printing until the masterpiece was finally completed, on the day of the Golden Wedding, 15 mins before we were due to meet them. Talk about cutting things fine. In the end I was pleased with the finished result, although, had I left myself more time I would have liked to add more detail with, for example, 3d stickers and other scrapbookers "stuff". Here are a couple of the (20!!) pages:

Note to self - perhaps more forward-planning???

Back soon.


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