Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Recycled Christmas card card....

I never throw away the Christmas cards I receive. They are much too pretty and I often re-use them as labels for Christmas presents. This year, though, I did this:

I started by cutting quite a wide triangle out of a old Christmas card

recycling christmas cards

I then cut this into horizontal strips

I then removed a couple of the strips and arranged the remaining ones a little crookedly on my card. I added a "flowerpot" made of another part of the old card and a gold sticker star at the top

And that was all there was to it really. Here's the finished card again. Quick and easy - just the job!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Customer Service and Serviette Santa

I experienced a rare thing this week - excellent customer service in Switzerland. Don't get me wrong, Switzerland is a great place to live, but on the customer service front I often find that things are still somewhat lacking. However, I was to be pleasantly proved wrong. Last week I bought winter boots for my son, guaranteed to be waterproof and costing 170.-CHF to boot (sorry about the pun). On Monday, when we had all that horrible slush, said boy came home with wet socks, as in the feet bit of the socks were all wet, not the tops. I felt a bit peeved to say the least. So I trolled off to the shoe shop, young son in tow against his will (wanted to play in the slush, not go to a boring shoe shop, obviously) and prepared for a battle of wills and words with the shop assistant. Not so. The boots were still a little damp inside after 24 hours of drying out and so I was given a full refund. It probably helped that the woman in front of me was also returning non-waterproof children's shoes and had just received a refund in full view of myself. Anyway, we came home with new shoes and, if I ask my son one more time if his feet are dry, I think he will disown me...

And now, check this out

First take a serviette and fold it to look like this:


This is what the back will look like.

Then, from white card cut out the beard and head shape with wings and also cut out a wavy moustache as shown below. Then cut out an oval shape to put the eyes and nose on - ours is made from orangey coloured card, but a skin tone coloured card would look even better. Use a hole punch and black/red paper to make the eyes and the nose and stick them onto the oval shape. Glue the oval shape and the white moustache onto the main beard shape.

The side "wings" are folded at the back of the serviette - it's best to try for size on the serviette before glueing, marking the two "wings" with a pencil where they should overlap. Then remove the Santa face from the serviette, overlap and glue the two wings using your pencil marks to guide you, then leave to dry completely before sliding onto the serviette.



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