Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Although I've been pretty busy recently, I've still made time for reading and here are the last 3 books I've read:

Sophie Kinsella

I've read a couple of these Shopaholic books and they are always fun and light-hearted. Next came something a bit more spine-chilling:

Scott Mariani

This is the third book in a series with the hero Ben Hope, the first two being "The Alchemist's Secret" and "The Mozart Conspiracy". It's an action-packed thriller and hard to put down, but alot of blood is spilled - not sure if I could stomach this as a film.

Finally, I've just finished this book:

Marian Keyes

I always enjoy her books. The story is basically how one girl meets a new man and another breaks up with her man and their friend's struggle to come to terms with his cancer. However, the character portrayals are astonishingly detailed, very credible and at times, rather poignant.

Right, off to find a new book now....

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