Thursday, 22 April 2010

Other people's stuff!

I've been a bit lacking in the creative department lately - not that teaching isn't creative, of course, but you know what I mean. For that reason, I'm going to show you some things that my nearest and dearest have made recently.
My daughter made this cute pen holder from a tin can at school.

decorate tin cans

I searched around a bit and found that you can do all sorts of things with tin cans. Look at this and this.

Just before Easter the Mummies were invited to Kindergarten for the afternoon. Any visit to a Kindergarten in Switzerland will involve doing some crafting (Basteln) at some point. And this visit was no exception. Look at what we made:

Easter decoration

This started life as a plastic envelope. Draw the basic shape of the chicken with black marker pen on the plastic envelope. Then, before cutting the shape out, put about 3 staples around the black line. This stops the plastic from slipping away from you and disappearing underneath the table when you cut out. Next cut comb, wings, feet and beak from felt. Add all these but the beak by "trapping" them between the 2 layers of plastic with more staples. Glue the beak on the front. Draw the eyes with black marker pen. Finally put a few white feathers in the "body" of the chicken and staple up any gaps in the plastic. We added a thread to the top and our chick is happily hanging in my son's bedroom window.

And last but by no means least, a lovely project from my very talented friend Monique. I know Easter is over for another year, but I am definitely doing this next year.

Monique has kindly provided the instructions for this project:

*Fill one corner of a classical sandwich plastic bag with Plaster of Paris (liquid Gipsmasse/Giessmasse)

* Hang it to dry so that exactly that shape stays

* When dry, paint the chicken in any colours you like

* Cut the beek out of red paper and stick it on the chicken with glue

* Paint eyes or glue on shop-bought funny moving eyes

* Glue feathers to the back

Back soon!

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Annelyse Taylor said...

Oh It's really lovely! I am going to try and make the pirate and the chicken in beads!!!


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