Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's not Paris....

....but it's pretty good! We had planned to go to Paris this weekend. A treat for finishing (and passing) my CELTA course and the children's first city break. However, the cloud of volcanic ash meant that our flight was cancelled, trains were full and we didn't fancy driving, so we stayed at home.

On Saturday we visited the thermal baths at Schinznach , nice, if pricey for a family and definitely more for adults than children. On the way there we bought 6 dining chairs here, something which we've been meaning to do for about 8 months! On Sunday we bought 9 O`clock passes on the Zurich Transport System (11.50.-CHF each with Halbtax, kids free if they have a Junior pass). What great value this was! First we took the train from our village to Zurich main station. Then we rushed over to platform 2 and onto the S10 which took us up the Uetliberg.


Spectacular views from the top despite the murky weather - or was it the volcanic cloud? Then back down into Zurich again, a walk along the Bahnhofstrasse catching the children's parade for Sechseläuten, Zürich's Spring festival. At Bürkliplatz we were drawn to the boats on Lake Zurich and, discovering that our passes entitled us to get on them, on we hopped. An hour later we got off the boat at the lakeside town of Küsnacht and took the train back along the lake to Zurich and then back to our village. Phew! What a lovely day!

Yesterday we had a relaxing day visiting the little town of Stein am Rhein, then continuing along the shores of Lake Constance. We stopped off for ice cream and a paddle and more or less had the lake to ourselves


Then finally dinner on the island of Reichenau before the short drive home. A word of warning, the sun is stronger than you think and my husband and son both got a little sunburnt yesterday. Time to get that suncream out, I think...

All over this weekend, we kept listening to the reports of suspended air traffic and thought of all the unfortunate people stranded at airports. We were grateful that we'd been able to stay at home and still enjoy all these things on our doorstep. I'm sure we will go to Paris sometime, but for now, we'll be checking out our local attractions....

It's nice to get back to blogging - will be showing you some crafty things later this week!

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Amanda said...

Congrats on passing your course! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Looking forward to more posts!


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