Saturday, 27 June 2009

Look at this!

Isn't this just fab? It was given to me yesterday by my friend Martina as a leaving present (more about leaving another time). She bought it from a shop called "Eigen Art" in nearby Rheinfelden. The owner, Anita Klaus, makes much of the jewellery herself -you can look at the shop's website here (go to "Schmuck" to see the jewellery) and she also sells pretty accessories. Think I will have to check it out in person. No time to create at the moment - kids off school now, then it will be nose to the packing boxes...Back soon!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Other Side

Always try to see the other person's point of view, especially when the other person is 5 years old! I had a situation a few days ago, where it was the end of a long day, husband away on business trip, 2 children to get ready for bed, kitchen to sort out, 2 pairs of roller blades plus knee, elbow, hand pads to put away, lawn to de-clutter of toys and "tools" - I'm sure you get the picture. When I came into the house, I found the living room covered in Lego "projects" from one corner to another. "And this will all have to be put away", I barked, non too sensitively I might add. "But I need it", wailed said 5 year old son. "Well, tell me which bits you need and we'll put the rest away", says I, quite reasonably I thought. "But I need it ALL", was the answer. Voices were raised, tempers were lost, hair was nearly torn out etc. When we had calmed down, I got to thinking - how would I like it, if I was in the middle of some beading project and someone told me I had to put it all away!? Well, I wouldn't be too pleased would I? So, I left all the Lego out thinking that if a messy living room was the price I had to pay for a contented, happy 5-year old child, then so be it. And I left it like that for several days. Who cares if the only way to get onto the settee was to launch myself, Superman-style, to avoid treading on the Lego train track circling the coffee table? My son was happy, that was the main thing. In the middle of all this chaos I managed to make this:

I've also been dabbling in making paper beads - more of that another time. TTFN.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I have been a bit down lately over the lack of comments on my blog. I realize I need to get more pictures of jewellery up there, but am on a go-slow at the moment in most areas of my life, for which I apologize. I'm sure it will pick up. Hopefully sooner rather than later. That aside, I did get to thinking about the act of leaving comments on peoples' blogs and I realized that I too have become a bit lazy about this. I used to be much better, actively proffering my comments and (most importantly) encouragement wherever I could. Now, those of you who read blogs but don't write one will not necessarily know how important your comments are to us bloggers. Without them you begin to wonder if you've got a cyber form of B.O. or if your waffling really has a future. So, to all you blog readers out there, sign up for your free Google account asap - this enables you to leave those all important comments. You can sign up by clicking on the comments link after this post and then clicking on the link to sign up. Happy commenting !


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