Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Austrian Jasper

This is one of my favourite pieces as it goes with everything and has a story.
My husband is from the south of Austria and on a visit there a couple of years ago we visited the Turracher Höhe to take the children down the Summer Toboggan Run. By chance we discovered a shop / museum of gemstones - alpin + art + gallery. Gemstones from all over the world are displayed inside and outside and have been left in their natural state, made into jewellery or sculptures. It was difficult to have a good look round with 2 energetic children with us, but before we left we bought the above 3 beads - red jasper and rock crystal, all found locally. I had all kinds of ideas what to do with the beads, but in the end just strung them on a deep burgundy leather cord. I have worn it lots, but alas, the leather is now beginning to look a bit worse for wear - I have plans to restring those beads - watch this space....

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I'm feeling rather chuffed, as I have received 2 awards this week ! The first is this one, the Marie-Antoinette Award, from Ali at All About the Beads. According to some information I found, the award is for "regular people posting about their everyday life". Crikey ! Ali's was one of the very first blogs that I read - I was blown away by her jewellery and find the other "bits" really interesting too. Ali was also kind enough to give me tips on good online bead sites, most of which I have subsequently used. Thanks Ali !

The second award, the Lemonade Award, is from Kristin at K.S. Jewellery Designs.

lemonade award

Kristin nominated me along with 8 others for having, as she put it, "a positive attitude towards others and their blogs". Wow - I am really thrilled, as I have only been blogging since November, so this is a real boost. Thanks Kristin. I am, of course, keen to pass these on.

Here are the rules for the award:
1.Put the logo on your blog or post
2.Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude.
3.Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post.
4.Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
5.Nominate your favorites and link to your post

Here are my nominees, for the reasons listed above, but for also being a constant source of inspiration, motivation, entertainment and, at times, amusement:

Debora - Beadin' by the Sea

Leah - Michon Jewellery Blog

Contrariwise ramblings

Ali - All About the Beads

Jo - Daisychain Designs

Magriet - Babushka Jewellery Design

Veryan - Beady Pool

Lesley - Coburg Crafts

Manda - Jewellery Craft / Silver Storm

Heather - Bumpy Beads

Barbara - Wildberry Jewellery

Back tomorrow with a jewellery pic.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Birthday to Me !!

Yes, I'm 44 today :) I must say, I celebrate my birthdays enthusiastically. Who cares if I'm one year older, as long as I'm happy and healthy. I've had a lovely birthday so far. My husband baked me a cake late last night, with a little help from the children and we sampled it this morning for breakfast, candles and hundreds and thousands and all. Then my friends took me out for a little retail therapy and a coffee. Not only did they egg me on to buy some (much needed) shoes, but they also gave me this lovely bead for my Pandora bracelet:

Pandora glass bead
Thanks to Kim, Lou and Jennifer for all that.

Back at home I found a present waiting for me from Cathy in Turin:


Funnily enough, I got out some green beads yesterday afternoon, but decided they were too dull to make anything with. No excuse now !

And finally, a very rare picture of me, because it is my birthday and because I have washed and dried my hair, am wearing a smidgen of make-up, a nice necklace and a top which doesn't have any spots of spaghetti sauce on it:

Off to have a glass of wine now. TTFN.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gotcha !

How cute is he ? One of a pair of goldfinches that visit our bird table daily. Before we had the bird table I could just about identify a blackbird, so that just shows you're never too old to learn. Kids back at school and Kindergarten now, so I'm enjoying the peace and quiet in the mornings. Still loads to do re moving, but, we have found a house !! Not quite doing somersaults yet (more kind of forward rolls) as the price is over budget and the bank have to approve it yet etc, but a girl has got to have hope :) Have a good week.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Snow Time

We're back from a week's skiing in a tiny Swiss resort called Mörlialp. This photo was taken on one of the runs down. Beautiful, isn't it ? We hadn't planned on having a skiing holiday this year, then friends offered us their lovely apartment there (thanks, Kim and Andy for that). Mörlialp is situated about 40 mins from Lucerne, at the top of a 12km windy road. You literally can't go any further and all the accomodation is right at the bottom of the slopes. There are 2 restaurants, but no shops, not even a supermarket, so our week consisted of skiing and eating ! Oh, and due to no computer or Internet, I got to read this book:

It's a good read, really funny.
When we went to hire our skis, we had to give our weight to get the bindings set up right. I was rather indignant to discover that the ski shop's scales showed my weight as 3.5 kg more than my scales at home !! However, I was wearing boots and carrying my bag when I weighed myself. When I got home, still feeling a little bit ruffled, I decided to weigh said boots and bag. Brilliant. (You can just imagine me doing this, very surreptitiously I might add). Anyway, these added up to 1.6 kg, leaving just about 2kg "unaccounted for". I reckoned I would ski this off anyway. And the moral of this story ? Always weigh yourself on the same set of scales ? Don't bother with scales at all ? Take your pick. Needless to say I have not weighed myself since coming home:{
Another thing I noticed - after 4 days my 2 children can ski more effortlessly down a steepish slope than I can after 20 years ! Kim would say it is all to do with their centre of gravity....
It's taking me ages to write this as I keep getting called away to play knights and castles - kids have this week off school. This, plus the fact that we are RELOCATING (aaagghh!!) means that time for jewellery making is a little thin on the ground at the moment. Yes, we are moving from Basel to Zürich, so still staying in Switzerland. Good job that, or I would have had to think up a new blog name...So at the moment we are feverishly looking for a house to move to around the beginning of July. We will be leaving behind some very good friends and neighbours, so it will be a bit of a wrench, but we will hopefully find our feet sooner rather than later.
This has turned into rather a mammoth post, so TTFN.


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