Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Recycling rules OK!

I was invited to a party last night with my husband and children. Fortunately I had a fairly new top to wear, but it needed a necklace. As I had to pop into Wintherthur (Winti) on Monday morning, I thought I would quickly stop by the Bead Shop and pick up some beads in the colour of the top and make a necklace. Not so. Both the Bead Shop and the Craft Shop in the same street are closed on Monday mornings. Duhh! Probably to compensate for being open on Saturday and, anyway, who on earth wants to buy beads on a Monday morning ? Apart from me, that is. So I came home and rummaged in my bead stuff and found a necklace which I had made some time ago, but never worn, as I found it too purple in the end.

However, I did like the pendant on this necklace and had made it by re-using the amythest nugget and chips from something else and reworking them onto sterling headpins and a large sterling silver jumpring. And the stones were just the right colour for the top. So I just detatched the pendant and added it to a ready-made cable choker and Bob was my Uncle, if you see what I voilà:

amethyst choker necklace

That all took a couple of minutes - quickest piece of jewellery I've ever made..

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juanitatortilla said...

That is just the way I "re-purpose" and re-use my craft items as well. It's the perfect way to give old things a new look. I just love giving things a longer shelf-life as well.

Yes, I once tried to go on a "Winterthur adventure" with a friend on Monday. Did nothing but had a sandwich at a cafeteria. Monday is Sleepy Day in Winti, it seems.


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