Thursday, 12 November 2009

Jewellery Organiser

I'm always looking for ways to organise my stuff and have finally got round to finishing off this necklace/jewellery holder. It is hanging on the inside of my wardrobe door:

Not that it was rocket science or anything - just that anything involving sewing causes me to break out in a cold sweat - I'm actually a bit scared of my sewing machine - I have to psyche myself up to use it. First of all I found a coat hanger, the kind which you can hang trousers over, like this:

I then took an IKEA cushion cover that I no longer used, cut it down to size and hemmed it (is that the right terminology) from the wrong side around all 4 sides, leaving a big gap to turn it to the right side and then hand-stitching the "gap" from the right side. I think it's good to use a thickish material, as this cushions your necklaces from banging against the wardrobe door when you close it. Next, decide which side should be the front and fold the top over the bar of the coat hanger. I added a velcro "spot" to each of the top 2 corners and 2 more spots a few centimetres underneath to be able to "fold" the top few centimetres over the coat hanger and fasten. You could also sew it on. After this I hand-stitched some old-fashioned hooks and eyes onto the front part. I used the same colour thread as the cushion cover for this, but it would also look great in a contrasting colour. You have to play around a little bit with the position of the hooks and eyes - if they are too close together or too close underneath each other your necklaces will not have enough room to hang without getting tangled up with each other. The final stage was to decorate the upper part of the coat hanger - for this I used buttons, press-studs and glass stones that I had in my stash.

I then used a self-adhesive hook from TESA to hang it inside my wardrobe door.

Obviously, pieces of jewellery made from silver or other metal which could tarnish should be kept in air-tight containers, but this is fine for jewellery made from wire, cord etc.

The total cost was a few Swiss francs for the hooks and eyes -all other materials I already had. So now I can take my jewellery out of the shoe box I have been keeping it in since we moved house - hey, maybe I can use that shoe box for something! Watch this space.


juanitatortilla said...

That's really clever! My jewellery bits are always caught in a tangle, as I try to pull one out from my crochet-basket-of-accessories. Oh the nightmare and frustration.

I came here via Amanda's Queso Suizo, and I'm happy to see that you like making jewellery (as I do too), and live in / near Zürich!


sandyxxx said...

Spot on! And I love that you gave it a name too, 'complexity' is an excellent name for a cow!
I agree with everything you wrote, and I can see all these parts in your work, the layers adding presence and the final bead giving life being such a perfect description, and it fits my work too, SO TRUE!!
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