Monday, 26 October 2009


I'm posting this story (apologies to those who have heard it), as it is typical of the sort of thing that happens to me. As you may know, we have recently moved to a new area. A few weeks ago, we invited the neighbours round one Saturday evening for drinks. We just invited our "row", which was the lady next door and the couple from the other "end" house, with their 12 year old son, so very small. I knew the man at the end house was something to do with hunting as, having been in their house briefly, I have seen they have antlers hanging on the wall etc. So I asked him if he had a hunting lodge (Jägerhütte), knowing this would fascinate my son Alex. BTW I thought a Jägerhütte was one of those things on stilts that hunters observe from. Anyway, yes he had a Jägerhütte and after the first drink he invited us all up to the Hütte the next evening to do some shooting (!?). He also mentioned he is often called out when deer are hit by cars and has to look for the deer to put it out of its misery. Bear in mind that we are now in Züri Duutsch (Swiss German, but Zürich area Swiss German) so I am not sure if I am getting the right end of the stick. So the invitation was accepted and times were arranged etc. I was beginning to feel a bit apprehensive about this shooting thing and also if it was suitable for children. I thought we might have to dress up in plus fours and camouflage etc, not that I have any plus fours, but you know what I mean. So, next day, late afternoon the neighbours came round to check that we were ready and said they just had to get the guns ready etc! CRIPES!! We set off in convoy, drove around 7km down country lanes and through sleepy villages before arriving at the hut in the forest. It was a proper Hütte, a little wooden house with benches in, a kitchenette etc. So now to the shooting part. Imagine the look on my face when 2 tables were set up. One for us to sit round with drinks and snacks and the other one with the AIR RIFLES ON, with little targets set up in the space in front of the Hütte......

The moral of this story - although I have lived in Switzerland for over 8 years and think that I am quite proficient at understanding the language, I still don't always get it!!

I was pretty relieved tho' ......

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Schaefli said...

Wow... what a story! Mmmm... Swiss German just drives me crazy sometimes!


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