Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Parents are usually right....

My parents insist on carrying 2 different credit cards - in case the first one doesn't work. I have always scoffed at this - why should a credit card NOT work? Well, I was made to eat my words the other day. I had a free morning and the car and decided to go to a shopping centre I had spotted on the outskirts of our new local town. Not a fan of shopping centres usually, but I needed kids' clothes, toiletries and food and all that was available under one roof, with parking underneath and I reckoned I could do all of that door to door within 2 hours. Not so. In the first shop I stocked up on all kinds of toiletries and went to pay with the (ONLY) credit card I had brought along. It was refused 3 times. I knew I had paid the bill off in full, was not therefore over my credit limit and that I had informed them in writing of our change of address. I was really embarrassed and ended up using all of my cash to get out of the shop with my purchases. As I had no other means of payment on me, the only thing I could do was go home, fuming, where I had to raid my swimming bag for a few coins to go to the local shop to get some stuff for lunch. What a palaver! An irate 'phone call to the credit card people shed light on the matter. It was a technical fault which would be sorted out by early afternoon. AARRGGHH. The moral of this story? Always carry 2 different credit cards, IN CASE THE FIRST ONE DOESN'T WORK!!!

On a more light-hearted note, I made this card yesterday for a friend who wanted our new address, but who wouldn't be fobbed off with an email or a text message containing that info. No, she wanted a good, old-fashioned card. As most of my craft stuff is still in boxes, I was a bit limited, but managed to come up with this:

I have to admit, it is much nicer than an email and I had fun making it - spot the copycat - have copied the design my daughter did in her art lesson at school.

Right, off to cook the kids a gourmet lunch - joking, obviously, more like rustle something up in the kitchen that they will actually eat....

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