Monday, 21 September 2009

Am I missing the point?

Do you ever flick through a magazine, see a piece of jewellery and then the price tag and wonder how an earth it can cost that much? I don't mean the pieces crafted from gold and precious stones, but things made from plastic, wool, cotton, wood etc. I was looking for a tutorial on how to make a ribbon necklace when I stumbled across this from Jessica in her blog Happy Together. Basically Jessica spotted a ribbon and pearl necklace in a magazine for $1,320. Well, I'm sorry if I'm missing the point, but how an earth can a couple of lengths of ribbon and 4 pearls add up to that much money? Unless the pearls were really valuable? Anyway, in the tutorial, Jessica makes more or less the same necklace for just a few dollars and it looks great. In fact, her blog is really worth looking at for the diversity of creative ideas up there. Right, off to find some ribbon now...


Beadin By The Sea said...

Interesting! I agree some prices just don't make any sense, but we do pay more for a name. It really doesn't make sense but as long as there are people buying, it will continue. I remember going to Harrod's when I was visiting London and I had that very thought with many of the items I looked at!

Magriet said...

I know exactly what you mean. But there must be people out there willing to pay, otherwise people won't charge that much.

So what's this recession everybody keeps talking about then?


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