Wednesday, 26 August 2009

When in doubt, ask a man?

Hmm...not my usual tactics, but it worked for me today. After having moved house 13 days ago, I thought it about time to go and fetch the new license plates for the car. Those of you in the U.K. don't have this problem when you move house, as the number plates stay with the car, but in Switzerland, if you move Kanton (which is like a county or a state) like we have, you have to have the appropriate car number plate displaying the relevant Kanton. Having enquired what I needed to take along on the Internet and on the 'phone, I felt relatively confident of being able to get it sorted. Obviously, crucial to the whole process is the act of giving in your old license plates. Before I left I had a quick look at them and had no idea how to remove them from the car. Well, that's obviously because it's fairly dark in the garage, I thought to myself. Guided by the lady in our navigation system, I found the office with no problems and then set about the removal of said number plates. But even in very bright daylight I could not see how to remove them. As I have said before, and will say again, I can be a bit slow at times. Never mind, I thought, there's bound to be some kind soul inside who knows the solution to this small but crucial problem. However, inside there was a very long queue and numerous counters, non of whom I felt I could approach with my "problem". So, feeling more than a little conspicuous, not to mention defeated, I slunk outside again and decided to go home, with my old license plates and ask someone for advice. Seeing as how I don't really know anyone in my new village and my husband is away on a business trip, I'm not sure whom I thought this "someone" would be. As I was pulling out of the car park I noticed a woman trying, to no avail, to work out how to remove her license plates!! I quickly re-parked the car, jumped out and promptly accosted said woman (nicely, of course) about how to get them off (if you see what I mean). She also had no idea and was completely baffled. At this point, initiative was called for and, noticing 2 young men out of the corner of my eye (being mid-40s, any man under 30 is a "young man"), I called them over to help. In the blink of an eye (well, about 30 seconds) they removed both license plates. Just like that!! I had failed to notice some slidy bit which you have to, well, slide??!! Duhh. Thanking the 2 Young Men profusely, I dashed over to Baffled Woman and triumphantly showed her the slidy trick. To cut a long story short, I now have the correct license plates and feel quite proud of them too.

Still lots of boxes to unpack, kitchen half-finished, lamps to connect etc - beads have been located but at the moment I am more concerned with making sure the children are settling in and working out how I can get more adult conversation into my day. Our local town is really nice and has a bead shop and a craft shop in the same street - for future reference.....

The only creative one at the moment is my daughter - I was amazed when she brought these cards home from school the other day, made in her craft lesson...

The photo is a bit flat, the cards look much more 3d in real life. I'll be copying this design myself for sure.

Back soon!


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