Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Other Side

Always try to see the other person's point of view, especially when the other person is 5 years old! I had a situation a few days ago, where it was the end of a long day, husband away on business trip, 2 children to get ready for bed, kitchen to sort out, 2 pairs of roller blades plus knee, elbow, hand pads to put away, lawn to de-clutter of toys and "tools" - I'm sure you get the picture. When I came into the house, I found the living room covered in Lego "projects" from one corner to another. "And this will all have to be put away", I barked, non too sensitively I might add. "But I need it", wailed said 5 year old son. "Well, tell me which bits you need and we'll put the rest away", says I, quite reasonably I thought. "But I need it ALL", was the answer. Voices were raised, tempers were lost, hair was nearly torn out etc. When we had calmed down, I got to thinking - how would I like it, if I was in the middle of some beading project and someone told me I had to put it all away!? Well, I wouldn't be too pleased would I? So, I left all the Lego out thinking that if a messy living room was the price I had to pay for a contented, happy 5-year old child, then so be it. And I left it like that for several days. Who cares if the only way to get onto the settee was to launch myself, Superman-style, to avoid treading on the Lego train track circling the coffee table? My son was happy, that was the main thing. In the middle of all this chaos I managed to make this:

I've also been dabbling in making paper beads - more of that another time. TTFN.


Annelyse Taylor said...

Lol! The lego story sounds so familiar!

Annelyse (mother of a lego mad 6 year old)

Suze said...

The joys of being one step away from the lego, and knowing I can give the children back to their parents!

But still the "projects" stay on the side 'til their next visit, along with drawings and books being read.

It's a lovely tale...bringing many memories...

I like your piece of construction's very pretty, Vicki.


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