Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How our lives change.....

It'll be 9 years this Autumn since I gave up work - by work, I mean "paid employment outside the home" of course! I was reminded how much my life has changed by a phone call I received a couple of weeks ago. The nice lady on the phone said she was ringing about the trailer I had ordered. I couldn't think what she was talking about and, seeing as I had been surfing on e-bay that morning, wondered what I had done now. Bear with me, as this call was in a foreign language and sometimes I am a bit slow to catch on. Ahh, now I remembered. The lady was from a toy shop in town and was talking about a very specific toy trailer which I had ordered for my 5 year old son. She was just ringing to confirm the price and the fact that one lying down cow was included. At this point I had to stifle a giggle and those who know me will know that that can be tricky for me at times. Heartily, I joined in the conversation and said I was glad to hear that one lying down cow was included, as it was important that the accessories were the correct scale. As I worked in tourism prior to having children, my phone conversations used to be about double and single rooms, meal plans, cancellations, prices, contracts etc. But thinking about it, I think I would rather talk about toy trailers and lying down cows. I think I need to find a job. Soon.
BTW I have been tagged by the lovely Sam of Saffie's Blog. Will get my 8 things together and post them here asap !

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Beadin By The Sea said...

So true, so true! I haven't "worked" in years either! Thanks for the laugh!


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