Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I'm not very good with clothes. By that, I don't mean that I walk around like a scarecrow - it's just that I never know what suits me. Being short, I tend to feel frumpy and dumpy in everything. Then there's the question of colour - do I need to go for pastels, cool black and white, brights or pattern ? Hmm. I often try on half of the shop and non of it is any good. So frustrating - is it just me I wonder? Anyway, no-one was more surprised than me, when, the other day, I managed to buy 8 tops in one morning! Yes, 8. And 7 of them from the same shop. According to all the magazines (well, OK then, Marie-Claire) we should be going for bold blocks of colour this season. Good job then, that a number of my tops fit this bill. Phew ! Usually, by the time I've got the message what might be in fashion and psyche myself up to go out and buy it, it's out of fashion. I must say that I am well chuffed with my purchases and this little spree caused me to go through my jewellery to see if anything would go with the new clothes or if I would have to make new pieces! Surprisingly, I had necklaces to go with most of the things, except for the 2 purple tops I had bought. So next I got my bead stash out and this is what I found:

Come back soon to see what I made.

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