Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ups and Downs

I've had an up and down couple of weeks -which is why I haven't posted. Ups have been provided by my friends and their positive support and the laughs I have with them and also by the funny things my children say. Downs caused by the sheer uncertainty of the months ahead due to our relocation, the fact that we still have not found a house, the negotiations on the house we wanted not having been successful and by doubting the whole sanity of moving 2 children and myself from somewhere we like for the sake of one husband's job. All this and a mega dose of PMT and I'm sure you get the picture. When I read this I feel ashamed, as there are so many people with far worse on their hands. This kind of mood completely blocks my creativity - I just don't feel inspired. I have read so often that people use creativity as a kind of therapy - I wish I could learn to do that. Anyway, enough of this. The last 2 days have been glorious weather-wise and, clichéd as it might sound, I have been cheered up by the sight of things starting to grow in the garden and the fact that yesterday it was so warm we didn't need to wear socks ! I also managed to get this finished:

spring jewellery

I was also surprised and cheered up to see that my blog is being read in several different countries. As well as the U.K and the U.S (thanks to all of you for reading and also for leaving your comments), and my friends in Italy, Switzerland and Austria, I see that I have readers in Thailand, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, France and Belgium. I'd love to hear your comments too !

Right, feeling better already. Back soon.


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Glad you're getting back to form - lovely necklace by the way.
Kristin :)

Beadin By The Sea said...

I'm so sorry about all the "stuff" you've been going through. I find that I don't feel creative at those times either, although it is probably the best thing to prevent us from endless worrying. I hope that things start to come together for your move! The necklace is beautiful and has a tranquil feeling, green always seems to have that effect on me.

Ali P said...

Hi Vicky, I'm also sorry to hear you've got uncertainties to cope with, and I hope things resolve themselves for you sooner rather than later... At least Spring is making things look brighter ;)

Jo said...

I hope that the uncertainties work themselves out quickly and smoothly.
Thank you for my award - I've finally blogged about it!


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