Friday, 17 April 2009


Italian glass earrings
I like these earrings. With beads bought in Italy, I made them when I had just learned a few basics and following the method used by my local bead shop where I did an evening class. Basically, they make earrings by threading a piece of beading wire through the loop in the ear wire, then folding the wire double and passing the double wire through the beads, then finishing with a crimp. The method is quick and easy, but I never felt happy with the crimp at the bottom of the dangle. Since I've discovered headpins (!), I've moved on from the above method and now that I can make ear wires from sterling silver wire and bash them to work-harden them, I thought it was time to revamp those earrings. This is how they came out:

Italian glass earrings
Apologies for the naff photos, due to too much sun (not really complaining) and having to use my old digital camera which doesn't like photographing small objects ! Mind you, these are the second pair of ear wires I made. One of the first pair flew off when I decided to cut off the headpin and add a second bead. I have not seen that ear wire since and, as I work at the dining table, I am slightly concerned that it will end up sticking in one of the children's bottoms, when they are playing Lego on the floor. :(


BeadyPool said...

Gorgeously sunny earrings. I lvoe it when you can revamp something as your skills evolve and make something you love even more.
Good luck finding the earwires -my "studio" carpet is full bits. I try to keep my little man out of there - but it is hard. He likes the shinies like his mum!

Beadin By The Sea said...

It's amazing how our techniques evolve and improve. I look back on the jewelry I made when first starting and I want to redo it all over. Beautiful, cheery earrings!

Softflexgirl said...



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