Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Austrian Jasper

This is one of my favourite pieces as it goes with everything and has a story.
My husband is from the south of Austria and on a visit there a couple of years ago we visited the Turracher Höhe to take the children down the Summer Toboggan Run. By chance we discovered a shop / museum of gemstones - alpin + art + gallery. Gemstones from all over the world are displayed inside and outside and have been left in their natural state, made into jewellery or sculptures. It was difficult to have a good look round with 2 energetic children with us, but before we left we bought the above 3 beads - red jasper and rock crystal, all found locally. I had all kinds of ideas what to do with the beads, but in the end just strung them on a deep burgundy leather cord. I have worn it lots, but alas, the leather is now beginning to look a bit worse for wear - I have plans to restring those beads - watch this space....

1 comment:

Ali P said...

I love the simple combination of the red jasper & rock crystal, and they look really good on the leather cord ~ I look forward to seeing their transformation though ;)


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