Sunday, 15 February 2009

Messing around...

It's been a bit quiet on the jewellery making front recently, but I managed to grab half an hour last week and make this pendant:

silver pendant
I did it freehand by bending the wire around a marker pen and was amazed that it came out the right size for the Swarovski and glass beads. The downside - as it was only a practice piece, I made it with craft wire and I'm now kicking myself I didn't use my sterling wire. Still, that gives me a little project for next week :)

Still on the theme of hand-made ear wires, I tried this:

hand made ear wires

I love looking at dangly earrings and I love them on other people, but when I wear them myself I feel self-conscious and, well, dangly ! I remembered the pearl earrings I bought for my wedding were this style, with the ear wire coming directly out of the pearl and therefore not so long (bet there's a proper name for that !), so I had a go. They are really comfortable to wear.

Finally, I made this for my keyring

This just needs a silver charm hanging from the bottom to finish it off, but not bad for half an hour, eh ??

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