Monday, 16 February 2009


This is what the villages all around the city of Basel look like at the moment - all decorated ready for Fasnacht (Carnival). It is a mega event and I couldn't even begin to explain about it here. The Fasnacht of Basel will take place this year from the 2nd to the 4th of March and in the surrounding villages next weekend. For the children the Fasnacht starts this Thursday afternoon, when they take part in a parade in their villages, all dressed in costumes they have often made themselves at Kindergarten and school. My son's Kindergarten will be owls this year and they have been working hard on their costumes. The parents don't get to see the costumes until perhaps one day before the parade, when they proudly bring them home for a final fitting. For my son it is his first Fasnacht parade, for my daughter her fourth - in the past she has been a flame, a mouse and a penguin and this year she is going as a witch. I'll be posting some pictures of the event at the end of the week. Take care til then:)

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Sea Maiden Gems said...

Hello Vicky.. pleased to meet you.. I went to the Fasnacht about 25years ago !! long time now. I have a friend who lives in Geneva,well Nyon. and we went together. All night . was fabulous. great for the kids..


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