Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Swiss parcel

glass bead earrings
I made these earrings for my "new cousin" as we are sending a "Swiss" parcel to them (including Pokomon cards in German !!??). At our recent meeting I noticed she was wearing some rather stunning earrings and, as I have managed to fob off my efforts on every other female member of my family, I though she should be no exception ! Hope she likes them. Are you like me and tend to forget what clothes people were wearing, but, if they are wearing an unusual piece of jewellery, that can stick in your memory for years?
Anyway, whilst doing the wrapped loop on these earrings, I decided to continue wrapping the wire almost into a spiral shape at the top of the bead. I got this idea from Leah's blog - she makes these gorgeous pearl earrings with a spiral at the top that looks like a bead cap. Sigh, oh to be able to make neater spirals...Her blog is v. interesting too.
As I seem to be in earring mode, I'm definitely going to have a go at making my own wires. Here is a great tutorial about this which has motivated me to have a go ! Have a good week !

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