Monday, 5 January 2009

Back to normal..

Happy New Year ! OK, a bit late maybe, but we were away until Jan 3rd:) We had Christmas here in Switzerland - here it's actually all about the 24th of December, presents are opened that evening, so our children were up until 11 p.m. playing with their toys. We then went to the U.K. for New Year - our last visit was Xmas 2006, so it was about time to go back. We stayed in a lovely converted barn just outside Ashby, near to Burton on Trent, where I grew up. It was interesting for me to revisit my past, as I haven't been back there for nearly 25 years - my parents moved to rural Shropshire nearly 25 years ago, so that's where all our visits have been. Whilst we were there we got together with one third of our family whom I had never met before. It's a long story, but here is a shortened version: my Mother and her older sister had another younger sister who, for various reasons, was adopted at birth. They had no contact with this sister at all and I only learned the whole story from my Aunt in 2005. A chance comment from my Mother in 2006 made me realize that she wanted to find the "lost" sister, so I went on Genes Reunited to have a go. I was unsuccessful as I had very little information to go on and these things are only successful if the people you are looking for are actually registered. A bit fed up I decided to abandon this attempt, but before I signed out, I started to put in my family tree. I only got as far as myself and my parents (including my Mother's maiden name) before I got fed up of that. I thought I would try again at a later date. In March 2007 I got a message through Genes Reunited from a Kathleen, asking if my Mother also had an older sister. Yes, you've guessed it. She had found us ! I felt a bit nervous admitting to my Mother and my Aunt that I had been meddling, as I wasn't sure how they would feel after all this time (66 years, to be precise). But they got in touch with her straight away and found that they didn't live too far from each other. Since then the 3 sisters and their husbands have been meeting up regularly. On Dec 29th we all got together and I met for the first time my "new" Aunt and Uncle, my 2 "new" cousins and their 5 children and partners. It all went really well and I hope we will stay in touch.

BTW, my New Year's resolution is to make more this space!


BeadyPool said...

What a lovely outcome, how lovely that everyone was reunited. Can't wait to see your new designs.

Ali P said...

Happy New Year Vicky, what a lovely story, and now you have an even bigger family ;) Looking forward to seeing more creations in 2009

Jo said...

Happy New Year Vicky! I'm glad your family story had such a happy ending.
I didn't realise you were from teh Midlands - I used to teach in Ashby!


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