Thursday, 4 December 2008

One of those weeks....

I've had one of those weeks. Where you race around and chase your tail trying to buy things or get things done and you can't buy what you want and you can't get things done. Right, that's that off my chest now. Or almost - I also could not make jewellery this week - try as I may. First off I was repairing a necklace for a friend and could not get the cord ends to go on to save my life. One of those foldy box things. In the end I had to put the whole thing down and tell her I would drop it round when it was finished. Later this week I attempted to make a bag charm as a Christmas present. I fiddled and crimped and threaded and fiddled some more, but it was just pants. Does anyone else have these "phases" or is it just me ? Anyway, I finished said bag charm this morning and it is OK - not the best thing I have produced, but still, here it is:

But it's not all doom and gloom, as I am off to Barcelona tomorrow for 2 days. Olay ! I've been a few times before, but never armed with a list of BEAD SHOPS !! Thanks to Jo of Daisychain Designs for that. Wishing everyone a great weekend !

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BeadyPool said...

Some weeks it just doesn't gel for me either - especially when I am being watched LOL!
I think there are times when your beading mojo exists and other times it just isn't worth fighting it - if it's not there it's not there!
Have a lovely time in Barcelona, I am soo envious. Let us know what the bead shops are like:)


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