Thursday, 11 December 2008

A bit hectic

This is what it looks like here at the moment. It's been snowing for the past couple of days and that means our afternoons are taken up with playing in the snow. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours helping to build snowmen and sledge runs and generally standing around in inappropriate clothing until I was freezing. Of course, the children had all their gear on. Today I was better equipped and spent a couple of hours helping to pull various sledges back up the hill. It was good fun. This and the fact that my daughter will be 8 tomorrow has made for quite a busy week. I've got children coming for lunch tomorrow and other people coming for tea and cake in the afternoon and the "party" on Sunday will involve taking 6 children to the theatre followed by pizza and yet more cake back at ours. Now, I am not that domesticated. Despite being a "stay at home Mum" at the moment, I'm not very good at "rustling something up". So, last night I had a thought and asked my daughter if they still took birthday cake into school in the second year of primary school (surely not, I was thinking, hoping..) Of course, she says and don't try and palm me off with something savoury, we did that last year. Sigh. So, today, another trip to the Co-op to buy more cake ingredients and 2 trays of Brownies and a sponge cake later...that's quite an achievement for me.

So, with all this activity, no time to make any jewellery, although I did buy a few beads in Barcelona last weekend - just waiting for some better light to take some photos. BTW, the information on the bead shops from Daisychain Design's blog was spot on and I spent a lovely couple of hours exploring before meeting up with my friend in the evening. A good time was had - we didn't do any of the tourist "sights", as we did that last time we were there - just alot of walking, talking, shopping, eating and drinking.

I've also got a small commission to do - a dainty pair of earrings to match a necklace. Unfortunately I've realized I'm out of headpins - sure sign that I should do a silversmith course and learn to make my own. Still haven't managed to find one in Switzerland this space !


Wildberry said...

What a pretty picture. How lovely to have all that snow - so much fun for the children and it must make it feel so Christmassy! It sounds like you're having a manic time at the moment. I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday on Friday and the class all enjoyed their cakes! Have fun at the party today. Barbara xx

Saffie said...

Hi Vicky,
I am so jealous of all that snow. I adore snow! My brother in law lives in Switzerland but sadly he and my brother don't talk :-(
Your jewellery is lovely I will be back to read and look more!

Saffie said...

Doh!!! should be husband not brother!!!! Time for a break i think!


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