Monday, 24 November 2008

Need some help..

At the weekend I built myself a light tent - thanks to a link on Contrariwise's blog , an excellent blog, entertaining and very informative. In the past I have taken photos on my patio table in natural light, but, now the days are darker, taking photos is proving a bit difficult. Anyway, the light tent looks pretty much as it should, but I'm not sure I've got the lighting right. I'm using one lamp with a daylight bulb of 8W/40W and I've a feeling I should be using more lamps and stronger bulbs. Any tips here would be very much appreciated:)

Below are a couple of fun pendants I made very quickly in the Summer. I bought the synthetic cord at a haberdashery dept. and some of the beads are the children's wooden ones ..again..I've left the cord long so they just slip over your head, but have added a slider bead to the end to alter the length if required. I've actually worn them alot.

As you can see from my efforts so far, I have used inexpensive materials while I practise my skills. I am desperate to start working in sterling silver, but must admit not really knowing where to start. Wirework would seem the obvious, as I have done quite a bit of wirework using craft wire. But would I need to tumble everything? I can't find a silversmith course in my area otherwise that would be a good starting point - hammering, soldering and piercing all sound like heaven and I really would like to be able to produce my own components. !!


Ali P said...

Hi Vicky, I find photographing jewellery can be a bit tricky too, I have to say I have always got the best results from natural light even if its not very bright out, I tend to take photos on a windowsill to get the most light inside the house I have a light tent I got on ebay and have tried with lights shining on it, but as yet have not got round to using any daylight bulbs... I find using the manual setting on my camera and adjusting it to the most appropriate light type works quite well - i have a setting for cloudy daylight and several for different types of lamp bulbs, and where my pics come out a little dark I use the exposure adjuster in my photo editing software to bring the light up a bit. I find the more fiddling I do with the colour balance in my photo programme, the worse my pics look, so I do try to get it right in the camera as far as possible.
Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble - I hope some of it is useful ;)
Ali x
p.s. glad to see you have a blog and are still going with your jewellery making - I like 'Blackie' perfect for Christmas with the sparkly beads ;)

Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Thanks for that Ali - glad it's not just me with the photos....


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