Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ex-pat life

As it's December tomorrow, I was reminded that I have been an "ex-pat" for 20 years now. I left England in December 1988 to go and work in Austria as a ski rep for a Winter season. Well, that one Winter season turned into 12 years, before moving to Switzerland, where I've been for 8 years now. However, I still think in English and prefer to read and write in English too. My children speak a different language to me (well, don't all children, I hear you say !) - I mean their mother tongue is different from mine. I try to speak to them in English as much as possible, but they nearly always answer in German and speak to each other and their friends in Swiss German....Strangely, they do have certain words they say in English - only the other day my 5-year old son was telling me he was playing at being a Mini Kick. Thinking this was some new mutant I'd not yet heard of, I nodded non-committally, then it dawned on me that he meant GUINEA PIG ! Duuhh ! Anyway, enough of this and more of this:

This is "Blackie". Wearing it as I write. I had great fun practising wrapped loops with this - made one afternoon for the evening, when I realized I had no jewellery to go with the top I wanted to wear. Still not completely happy with the photography, but I thought it was interesting to see the reflections the clear crystals produced. There is a word for that which I learnt in Physics many moons ago and escapes me for the moment. :) Have a good week.


BeadyPool said...

Refraction (said the ex physics teacher!) as the white light enters the crystal at an angle, the different wavelengths that make up the white light refract (bend) to different extents to give you a rainbow (spectrum). Red bends (refracts) the most and violet the least which is why red is at the top and violet at the bottom :)
Isn't it so nice to have the skills to make something to go with an outfit - it's one of the things I love about making jewellery. Vx

Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Thanks for that :) !!

BeadyPool said...

Old habits die hard...just had to explain :)


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