Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cathy's Bag Charm

Earlier this year I spent a very pleasant weekend with my friend Cathy in Nice. We have been on many trips together and always have a good time, as we like to do the same things i.e. lots of exploring on foot punctuated by regular coffees, a bit of culture (small dose), shopping (large dose) and sampling local food and drink (generous dose)! We had been to Nice before and there is a lovely jewellery shop on Ave. Jean Médecin called Perrusset, where I always manage to part with a few Euros. On the last day we took a short train trip down the coast to Villefranche, where we found a craft fair on at the castle. We always seem to sniff these things out - funny that! Anyway, there was a lovely stall selling glass pendants and we had to have a couple (well, it would've been rude not to!!) and here's mine.

Strolling round, Cathy was ogling some bag charms. Oh, I'll make you one, says I, as if I am an expert on such matters and actually never having made a bag charm in my life. Ok, great, says Cathy, in bright pink or electric blue please (not one for subtle colours, our Cathy). Anyway, here it is -

I had great fun making it and she was pleased with it. So much so, that she has "ordered" another one for Xmas. Which means a trip to my local bead shop.....again...tee hee.

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